Affiliate membership route

This route is for all drivers wishing to be backed up by our professional standards.

As an ASaaS you will get the following benefits:

  • Access to our e-learning platform to study the courses designed for affiliate members. Once a course is completed you will get an automated e-certificate. Once all the courses associated to your level of membership are completed you will get a certificate to provide your membership status with us.
  • Courses:
    • Level 2 Code of Conduct of the Professional Taxi and Private Hire Drivers
    • Sexual Harassment
    • CPD Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace
    • Adult Basic Life Support with Automated External Defibrillation (BLS-AED) 
  • Optional courses:
    • Mental Health Awareness (Online)
  • Access to CPD programmes
  • Access to our webinars and events
  • Access to our membership area
  • The right to use appropriate post-nominal letters ASaaS denoting your level of membership once you have completed the ASaaS programme
  • The ability to exchange knowledge and professional experiences with the SaaS community

Acting as an awarding, consultancy and audit body.

  • Assessing Organisations to develop our approach
  • Make work better for employers, employees and subcontractors
  • Make the businesses safer by implementing SaaS culture
  • Generate trust by “obtaining buy-ing”
  • Develop and enforce CPD training standards
  • Accredit training providers to deliver our courses
  • Auditing and risk assessing companies at all levels
  • Awarding excellence through recognition of best practice and our memberships

We need a safety standard

  • Safety is one of the most important thing people and companies take for granted until an incident occurs
  • Most of the companies aim to comply with the minimum requirements, when in practice, in case of an incident, the society is asking what they did more than minimum
  • Safety is not just about protecting customers and/ or employees from hazards, but business environment and strategies as well
  • While we cannot eliminate risks, we can do the best to reduce them
  • To ensure that we raise the awareness of safety at all levels within the community and proper risk assess as a whole under one umbrella

Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.

  • Supporting and promoting local businesses
  • Bringing confidence back
  • Getting communities together for a safer transportation services
  • Promoting and enforcing British Values within the transportation industry
  • Help businesses to generate trust, confidence and aim to become benchmarks for their local area
  • Raising and actively contributing to improving and standards within the local taxi industry

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is this membership route addressed to?

The Affiliate Member (ASaaS) membership/ status is aimed for all drivers wishing to be backed up by our professional standards.

How do I enrol as ASaaS?

You have to go on the membership page and click on ‘Enrol now’ button. You will be asked to create an account on our website and pay the yearly subscription.

Once the payment has been confirmed you get access to our membership features straight away.

How do I access the course?

To access the courses, you have to be logged in. On the top menu click on ‘Profile’. On your profile you will be able to see the progress for each course associated to your membership status as well as downloading the membership certificate once all the requirements for your membership have been met.

What are the requirements to become a ASaaS?

There are no entry requirements or prerequisite courses. However, you have to be a licensed driver to be eligible for our membership route.

How many times can I attend the assessment for the courses associated to my membership?

For each course associated to your membership level you have three attempts. If you are not able to pass after the third attempts, please e-mail us at and we will restart the course access for you.

Is my progress saved?

Yes! You can study at your own pace. When you are ready to comeback for a bit of study, just loin and start the course from where you left.

When can I use ASaaS?

You can use your ASaaS title after getting the certificate of membership.

When do I get the certificate of membership?

You get the certificate of membership once you finish all the requirements for your level. Usually we ask you to complete our courses.

Are there any other fees for my membership?

No. Apart from the yearly subscription we do not ask you to pay anything on top. On special occasions we may have offers from third party organisations, but we will not force or ask you to pay for anything that is not included on your membership level.