One Driver Safety Register - One National Standard

Every Taxi and Private Hire is now required to be licensed in their authority of operation. As we now have different standards in different authorities we need a National Safety Register. Every driver that has successfully completed SaaS training will be registered in a national database with an unique ID.
Operators, Employers and Agencies will be able to check if the required safety training has been successfully completed by a driver.


Sign Up

Driver gets registered and starts the training.

Training completion

Once all the courses are completed the driver is issued a Certificate of Membership with an unique ID.

Design your training matrix

Different authority means different regulations and training. SaaS provides a range of optional courses as well as bespoke courses designed to meet your and your authority criteria.

One National Safety Register

Having ONE National Register means that all the drivers can be checked and verified if they have completed their safety training.

Future of Training and Licensing

SaaS and its affiliate partners are working towards a National Licensing Standard.
Taxi and Private Hire Drivers are getting licences from different authorities and there are different standards for licensing. SaaS created a National Safety Register whereby you can have a database having all the drivers across the country.
Having a National Standard and a common database eliminates concerns of cross bordering, it gives people flexibility to work anywhere across the country without doing any additional training to meet other councils needs. Everybody is educated and aware on what the rules are whether it’s TfL guidance, Local Council or National Council, one set standard makes it a lot easier and flexible for recruitment and work at a national level.