About SaaS

Improving safety in the taxi, private hire, logistic and ground transportation industry

We are an awarding and consultancy body that promotes, enhances, monitors and audits safety standards for companies within the private hire sector and wider transport industry. Our organisation covers health, safety, welfare, environment, quality assurance and business development to promote high standards throughout the industry, support local businesses and improve customer confidence.  

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Helping and promoting local businesses, whatever their starting point.


Working together to improve standards and increase trust.


Bringing confidence back and militate for a safer environment at all levels.


Acting responsibly to reduce environmental impact.

Two routes for your organisation

Affiliate Membership (ASaaS)

Available for all licenced drivers 

Member (MSaaS)

Available for all managers and supervisors




5 x ASaaS

1 x MSaaS

2 x Optional courses

£1 per additional ASaaS

£4.99 per additional MSaaS





15 x ASaaS

3 x MSaaS

3 x Optional Courses

£1 per additional ASaaS

£4.99 per additional MSaaS





25 x ASaaS

4 x MSaaS

4 x Optional Courses

£1 per additional ASaaS

£4.99 per additional MSaaS

Free Risk Assessment




Unlimited ASaaS/MSaaS

Free Risk Assessment

Free consultation

Free safety audits

Unlimited Optional Courses

2 x bespoke courses


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